Monday, 17 June 2013

Cosmetic surgery in Aurangqbad

Since last fifteen years Cosmetic surgery needs of people around Aurangabad is increasing gradually.But we have seen rapid growth and increasing demand of Cosmetic surery around Aurangabad.
We at Bembde hospital have made available all the infrastructure facilities and recent advances in Aesthetic  surgery since 1999.
We are pioneer in this region in developing Liposuction,body contouring,Tummy tuck,Mommey makeover,breast implants,Rhinoasty-nose reshaping,Dermabrasion,Scar surgery,Tatoo removal,Laser surgery,Tissue expander ,etc since last fourteen long years.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Need of good burns centre in India

India needs many good regional burns centre to give services to unfortunate burns victims.due to accidents and due to many social reason ,the no. Of burns patients are very huge ,compared to present burns treatment facilities.
We at Bembde Hospital,Aurangabad are provoiding Burn care of international standards to the burns patientw of entire Maharashtra.
We are one of the biggest & most advanced Private Burn centre in India.
We are specialised in Meek Micrografting,Early excision of burns wounds,Tangential excision of burns and early grafting for deep burns wounds.
We routinely treat industrial burns,chemical burns,electrical burns along with flame burns & Scalds.
We also have promising results in Inhalation lung burn injury,Pediatric burns and Hand burns.