Saturday, 23 April 2016

Women for Women Mission 2016 at Bembde Hospital

"Mission Accomplished!"
Women for Women (WFW) 2016 Mission at Bembde Hospital. 
We are very happy to share the success story of WFW Mission!
This was the 3rd free plastic surgery camp at Bembde Hospital for female patients with deformities due to acid attacks, burns,etc.
The team comprises Dr.Ramakant Bembde & renowned Female Plastic Surgeons & Anesthesiologist from Finland & Hungary:
1)Dr. Outi Kaarela (Team Leader),
2)Dr. Bernadette Levay , 
3)Dr. Heli Kavola, 
4)Dr. Noemi Foldes , & 
5)Dr. Sisko Mäntylä
Along with "Team Bembde Hospital & Dr.Ramakant Bembde ,Indian Anesthesiologist Team Dr. Pathak ,Dr.Bhattad,Dr.Tupkary,Dr. Asegaonkar,Dr.Apsingekar,Dr. Rajgure,Dr. Moharir & Dr. Itape also contributed for the safe conduct of surgeries. 
Dr. Sushma Bembde, Dr. Bipin Miniyar, Dr. Samidh Patel, Dr. Phanish Kaushik & Dr. Jyoti Miniyar helped to organise & plan this massive camp. 
Special features of this camp:
1)We operated record no of cases, total 111 operative procedures on total 49 patients with totally free of any charges.(more than our expected & planned 100 surgeries)from 2nd to 10th April2016.
As per the Team Leader Dr. Outi, this was one of the most successful & best camp ever happened in the history of Women for Women foundation till date all over the world considering the no. of cases , surgeries & mission performance!
So, it was a great humanitarian mission!
2)The patients came from all over Maharashtra about 300 km periphery including Mumbai, Pune,Jalgaon,Nagar,Beed,Washim,etc.
3)Bembde Hospital team was working hard overtime since last two months to make this free surgery camp successful with the extra load of work due to lot many patients & overcrowding of the hospital premises.
4) The best part was that all free surgeries were done very well , without any complications or untoward events.
I salute the "Humanitarian spirits " of all the surgeons, anaesthesiologists, operation theater staff, nurses, admin & public relations staff along with all the Team Bembde Hospital for their great untiring efforts to help these neglected female patients having deformities.
Special thanks to Dr. Connie (Munich,Germany) & her Team, the inspiring & guiding force behind this success story. 
Lots of love & Special thanks to Dr. Outi & Dr. Berni (dynamic plastic surgeons) who are coming every year for all the three missions for 11 days to inspire & energise the entire "Team Bembde Hospital !"(Now we all feel them as a part of Bembde Hospital family!)
I also thank all the referring doctors, patients, families of patients, well wishers & friends from news media without whose support this gigantic humanitarian task would not have been successful.

Thanks again for your contribution , prayers & best wishes ! 🙏🙏💐💐😊
"Restoring Lives!"
Dr.Ramakant Bembde & 
Team Bembde Hospital
Burns Helpline: 8888145588/8805013088

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Women For Women Mission 2016 for free Plastic Surgery for female patients having deformities at Bembde Hospital ,Aurangabad,India

Bembde Hospital plans Free Plastic Surgery Camp for Female patients-
Dear Friends,
A great pleasure to announce "Humanitarian Mission of 3rd FREE PLASTIC SURGERY CAMP for female patients " from 2nd April to 10th April 2016 at Bembde Hospital for Plastic,Cosmetic,Burns & Hand Surgery,Aurangabad,Maharashtra.
The camp will be held specially for girls & women having deformities due to burns, injuries or domestic violence & social injustice such as burns, acid attacks, etc. 
It is organized as part of 'Women for Women'(WFW) humanitarian mission with the leadership of 
Dr. Constance Neuhann Lorenz,Munich,Germany under
the banner of The International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS).
Bembde Hospital is one of the biggest & advanced Burns Centre in India. It's an honour that in India,WFW  have selected only Bembde Hospital for these missions since 2013 due to its best infrastructure, dedicated skilled staff & humanitarian vision of Dr.Ramakant Bembde & Bembde Hospital team! 
Dr.Ramakant Bembde & the team of renown Female Plastic Surgeons & Anesthesiologist from Finland & Hungary, comprising Dr. Outi Kaarela (Team Leader),Dr. Bernadette Levay , Dr. Heli Kavola, Dr. Noemi Foldes , & Dr. Sisko Mäntylä
along with "Team Bembde Hospital "will perform the free surgeries.
 "It is expected that around 100 operations will be performed at the camp with two fully functional operation theatres."
Last two years we operated total 106 free surgeries mainly having postburn deformities of face, neck,hand,fingers, foot,knee,etc. 
​If you have underprivileged female patients with such deformities,please refer them​.
Please help in spreading word of the camp through your friends and family as well as through your social networks( Facebook,Twitter,Whats app,etc)& community outreach programs to reach such persons in need. 
"We salute to the spirits & humanitarian contributions of all Team Women for Women" for coming all the way from Europe to India to help the needy female patients with deformities! 

  Reconstructing Lives!

Dr.Ramakant Bembde & Team Bembde Hospital 
Plastic , Cosmetic & Burns Surgeon